TC3 Summit Reviews

Why TC3? It is realy important that telcos work together to make sure that we support entrepreuneurship and innovation because that helps us to innovate from inside out rather than getting out innovated and out disrupted from outside In.

-Azita Arvani, Head of Innovation at Nokia

You get to find out what the issues are, how to resolve them and schedule follow-up meetings with the key players to work trough it.  My time at this conference has delivered an extremely high ROI.

Chris Cavigioli, Strategy Planning for Network Transformation Intel


It is important for us to make sure that we have an active voice about key technology issues. Thats where TC3 comes in.

– Ryan Gorostiza, Sr. Mktg Director, Qualcomm

I always leave TC3 with a greater knowledge of what is happening, and a network of people I can reach out to and validate what I am trying to solve with my company.

– Rob Switzman, Vice President, Rogers